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Design Services

We employ the latest CAD/CAM technology, along with up-to-date data communications, enabling the processing of data to customer specifications in virtually any format. The foundation of our design process is the use of feature-based, parametric solid modeling to define part geometry.

Parametric models allow us to make very fast design changes without geometry re-creation, and also help to capture design intent for downstream applications. 3D models also aide in defining the geometry within the context of an assembly. This avoids issues with assembly and tolerancing. The relationship of a part to the rest of a system is often more important then the characteristics that are unique to a part.
  • Review a design for manufacturability, cost optimization, tolerances, material selection, surface finish, etc.
  • Assist in completing a partial design.
  • Making a CAD drawing from a concept, hand or paper drawing, physical part or from another CAD format to get a price or place an order.
  • Help you create a new design. 
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