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Industry Solutions

Engineering Dynamics LLP is not only diverse in the services we have to offer but also the industries we service.  Whether it is a small business or publicly traded company we can meet your individual needs. Just as there is a difference between how we approach a prototype job versus a production job, the same is true from industry to industry.  The real benefit comes from taking the knowledge gained from one process and applying it to another.  This ensures that we are always improving our processes and thus passing that on to our customers.


Engineering Dynamics has been servicing the RF/Microwave market for many years. We know what it takes to keep up with this fast paced, ever evolving, and competitive market. We have the necessary resources to bring a prototype design from paper to reality in only a few days.  Or the capacity to maintain consistent delivery schedules on long run production orders. From the smallest part that is no bigger than a quarter to a large complex subassembly, we have the expertise to get the job done.  We provide parts made from various metals, plastics and composites.  As well as providing a finished product that will your necessary plating and finishing requirements.  Anywhere from the commercial markets to the military field you will find our precision made parts.


Although precision and delivery time is important to our customers within these markets, pricing can be extremely critical due to the increased competition and small margins.  As a result of this it is very important for us to keep costs down without sacrifing quality.  This is done through innovative fixturing and state of the art machining techniques.  We have provided quality products for various industries ranging from elevator subassemblies, lighting components, to temporary flooring.  We guarantee our manufacturing processes will not only get you quality parts on time but at competitive prices as well.


When it comes to supplying the military there is nothing more critical than providing vital parts that must perform.  Our work within this segment has exposed us to DFAR requirements, a multitude of MIL Specifications, and DX rated orders.  We have worked on such projects for the Army and Navy, which have provided protection for our troops on the ground to the Navy destroyers at sea.  When lives are at stake it is imperative that all parts are completed to the necessary specifications.  This is achieved by our state of the art quality assurance department.  With the help of our CMM system we have the capability of performing a 100% inspection of all parts and provide the customer with all necessary documentation.

Automobile Racing

As with all of the industries we serve the automobile racing market is no different in that it poses its own unique challenges.  Just as there is fierce competition on the track, there is equally as much behind the scenes.  In order to keep up with the competition new and technologically advanced parts must be utilized on the cars to give them that winning edge.  This is where our years of experience at reverse engineering, design, and rapid prototyping come into play.  The synergy of these systems allows us to get custom parts back on the track in as little as one week.  We have manufactured parts from simple brake components, hub assemblies to elaborate subassemblies for suspension systems.


We have been manufacturing parts for the marine and fishing industry since the very beginning.  Although precision is not always a priority when manufacturing these parts, there are other unique factors that must be taken into account.  For instance, corrosion plays a big role in producing a product that will stand the test of time.  Many of the parts we manufacture are made from 316L Stainless Steel, which is then electropolished for added durability.  Other materials such as aluminums, bronze, and plastics, just to name a few are used in conjunction with hard coat anodizing and nickel plating to aid in the corrosion resistance.  Many of the parts we make for this industry not only require assembly, which is done in house but also requires the need for many outside vendors in order to put together a complete package.  We handle everything from the procurement of raw materials to the final packaging for the retail sale of these products.

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